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Access to Okayama University (Tsushima Campus)

From the Okayama Airport

 Bus: Get on a bus for "Okayama Station" or "Chutetsu Bus Center", and get off the bus at "Okayama Daigaku Suji"; about 25 minutes
 Taxi: about 20 minutes

From the Express Highway

After going down with "the Okayama IC" of the Sanyo Expressway; about 10 minutes

From the Okayama Station

 Bus: Get on a bus for " Okayama University/ Myozenji" at the Okayama Station Bus terminal, or get on a bus for " Okayama Rika Daigaku (Okayama University of Science)", and get off the bus at "Okadai Nishi-mon(Okayama University West Gate)"; about 10 to 20 minutes
 Taxi; Take a taxi at the taxi stand of the Okayama Station; about 10 minutes
 Train; Get on the train of JR Tsuyama line from Okayama station to Hokaiin station (3 minutes), and 15 minutes walk leads to Okayama University.