Objectives and outline of UNESCO Chair

Education and Research for Sustainable Development at Okayama University.

Following the "United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development", the UNESCO Chair at Okayama University supports a series of lectures to help foster human resources who are equipped with the skills to create a sustainable society.
Based on the established Chair, Okayama University is aiming to demonstrate how the total level of education is to create a sustainable society locally, nationally, regionally, and globally toward the future, while collaborating with other educational organizations, local governments, and civil society organizations, and also welcoming students, citizens, and highly educated and experienced people to join from other organizations, and further cooperate with the universities of Asian and African countries.
To build a sustainable society in the Okayama and Setouchi regions, the university will not only work with school education, vocational education and university education, but also cooperate with other non-formal/social education that is presumed to provide additional help including adult education, local activities and/or extracurricular activities; then it is going to promote education further while taking new opportunities to advance it.
Furthermore, Okayama University is going to integrate the information and knowledge of Okayama and Setouchi regions and those that available from other international organizations with its educational and research activities, and ESD efforts. Based on the inter-university collaboration agreed with the universities in Japan, other Asia-Pacific region countries, and Africa, it is aimed at accomplishing the following objectives to have people understand the necessity of ESD and to build a system to support it.